Wanna be an Affiliate?

What exactly is an affiliate, anyway? It's the term we use for anyone who signs up to use this site to fundraise. Most people are raising funds for their Ordinary Hero mission trip, but others use this site to raise funds for adoption, some for a school or other non-profit they like. When you use this site as an approved affiliate, 30% of what you sell goes to your cause. It's a win-win-win: our friends in Ethiopia get items they desperately need, you get funds for your cause, and Ordinary Hero benefits through increased awareness and donations.

So you wanna be an affiliate? Please create a new account on our sign-up page. Once you create your new account please check your email for confirmation and further instructions. By creating a fundraising affiliate account with Ordinary Hero Foundation through the use of missionmarket.store, you are agreeing to the following Affiliate Terms and Conditions. 

Click here to read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.